Flame Retardant Pillows

Huqas Corporation presents a comprehensive range of durable contract quality Flame Retardant pillows for low to high risk environments.Our 100% hollow fiber polyester filled products are flame Retardant and supplied with either cotton or cotton-mix outer and generally utilized in education and hospitality sectors.

Our Pillows with a high quality of cotton outer covering are filled with polyester hollow fibers which provide a high degree of flame resistance to protect our valued customer as much as possible.

We comply with the highest possible flame retardancy standard, Ignition Source 7 BS7175, these Pillows are designed for use in high risk locations such as removal and detention centers to oil rigs. Our flame Retardant Pillows are sensible to adapt to all kinds of different environments. Bespoke sizes are available upon request

This complete package sums up all the household and commercial needs of our consumers simultaneously providing them a healthy and safe experience with our products. Our flame Retardant Beddings allow our customers to sleep in peace without having to worry about their safety.

Treated flame retardant pillows
Inherently flame retardant pillows